Individuals & Organizations who have provided support for our programs 
Visiting Artists and Chanslor Wildlife wish to acknowledge the following organizations and individuals who have contributed to the success of Chanslor Wildlife's art and environmental education programs since 'Chanslor Wildlife's programs began in 1989 in Sonoma County.  Our programs have been supported by the hospitality, recreation and event businesses operated by Chanslor Wildlife, as well as the support and contribution of the individuals and organizations below.  Chanslor Wildlife also wishes to express appreciation to the approximately 365,000 members of the public who have been customers over the past 25 years and the approximately 79,000 attendees at Art, Food and Wine  events we have produced.  Their participation provided the financial support necessary to maintain our programs. (12.31.21)  Sincere Thank You to All! 
A Bodega Day 
Accent Printing 
Ace Cider
Adams Olive Ranch
Adams Pottery
After Gold Rush
Airstream Corp 
Alder Fels 
Allen's Construction & Painting
Alley Kat 
Alpine Springs Distributing 
American Art Centers
Anchor Brewing Company 
Anderson Valley Brewing 
Anderson. Bob, Architect 
Anheuser Busch
Anna Whitmore Jewelry Design 
Applied Soil Tech 
Arizona Iced Tea
Armwest Art Center
Art's Anvil
Aquamarine Jewelry 
B.A. Brewmaster 
Barefoot Cellars 
Bartholomew Park 
Bear Republic 
Behind the Garden Gate 
Berry's Market 
Biddulph Chevrolet 
Bistro Blends 
Blaze Photography 
Bodega Bay Kayak 
Bodega Bay Lodge
Bodega Bay Portworks
Bodega Bay Sportfishing 
Bodega Bay Surf Shack 
Bodega Coast Inn 
The Bodega Schoolhouse 
Breakers Café 
Buena Vista 
Cable One 
Caribee Island Cuisine
Carol Loftus Equine Art 
Cellular One
Carolyn Manzi Prayer Party 
Chanslor Bay Corporation 
Chateau de Baun 
Chateau Soverain 
Chowder House
Claudia Springs 
Cline Cellars 
Clos du Bois 
Clover Stornetta 
CMB Enterprises 
Coast Magazine
Codding Steel Frame Solutions
Codding Enterprises
Coldwell Banker
Continental Art Center 
Costuming by Aziza 
Cruzin' Crepes
CTR Computer Training Center 
D & M West African Catering 
Data Pro/Vom Com 
David Phillips Tree Trimming 
Davis Bynum 
Design Odyssey 
Devil Mountain
Dots on Pots
Downtown Joe's
Dragon Chinese 
Dry Creek 
Duncans Mills Camping Club 
Eagle Distributing
Ehlers Estate Winery 
Electric Crayon 
Eschenbach Construction 
East European Catering
Everett Ridge Winery 
Fantastic Foods 
Fast Frame 
Faultline/River City
Felicia's Delights 
Five Brooks Ranch 
Food & Beverage Enterprises 
Food 4 Less 
Food in a Booth 
Frank Howard Allen Real Estate 
Freeman Toyota 
Friedman Brothers
Fritz Winery 
Full Sail 
Fun Time Foods 
General Motors Corporation
Generations 3 
Glacier Gourmet 
Glen Ellen
Godspeed Winery
Golden Spirits Candle Works 
Gourmet Au Bay 
Gourmet Faire 
Greek Gyros 
GTO Catering 
GTO's Seafood House
Guadalupe's Crossing 
Gunderman Taxidermy 
Gutter Masters 
Hand Goods
Handley Cellers 
Hansel R.V. Center 
Holiday Inn Express 
Hop Kiln 
Horizons Entertainment Agency 
Hot Shots Espresso 
Il Cuore
Illeya Trops 
Iron Horse 
Israeli Falafel 
J. Fritz 
Jack Frost Contracting 
Jack's Remodeling 
Jakob Gerhardt 
Janice L. Swent Environmental Consulting 
Johnny Garlic's
Journey Photo Graphix
Joyce Bolling Paper Products 
KFTY Channel 50 
KGRP 100.9 fm 
KJZY 93.7 
Kosta Browne 
KRSH 95.9fm 
KSRO 1350 am 
KXFX 101.7fm 
KZST 100. fm 
La Tortilla Factory 
Lake Sonoma 
Lake Tahoe 
Ley, Robert, Architect 
Little Hofbrau
Lodi Beer Company 
Lost Coast 
Louis Martini 
Lyman's Waffle Cones 
Lytton Springs 
Main Street Computers 
Martin Ray 
Mary's Pizza 
Meade-Clarke Building Supply
Michelle's Art Design
Medeleine Bennett Jewelry 
Mendocino Brewing Company 
Mendocino Pasta Company 
Mezzaluna Bakery 
Minuteman Press
Moon Arts Studio 
Moonstone Muse 
Mount St. Helena 
Murphy Goode 
Murray Cyder 
N.W.Connection Smoked Fish 
Napa Ale Works 
Natural Connections 
New Orleans Catering 
North Bay Communications 
North Coast Bank 
Northbay Savings Bank 
Northern California Bohemian 
Northern Light
Not Just Glass 
Old Mexico Restaurant 
Oliver's Almonds
Opal Glass 
Pacific Gas & Electric 
Pacific Shores 
Pacific Union Residential Brokers 
Paradise Ridge 
Pathways Research
Paul Braun Goldsmith 
Peter Bailley Designs
Phantom Creations 
Pippin's Chocolate
PK Art 
Pope Valley
Post Newsweek Cable 
Preceptual Consumption 
Purple People Eater 
Quality Inn 
Quik Print 
R&D Web, 
R&E Properties 
Ray Van Cajun Foods 
Redwood Sanitary 
Ren Brown Collection
Rex Clement's Images
Rhonda Lee Pottery 
Rigoli's Lobster House 
Rivers End
Roscoe Art Glass 
Run Around Brew
Rush Studio 
Russian River 
Russian River,Coast Vac.Rentals
Rustic Images
Rutherford Ranch Winery 
S & R Chinese Barbecue 
Safari West 
Salt Point Lodge 
Sandpiper Restaurant 
Santa Rosa 
Santa Rosa Dodge 
Siam Barbecue
Sico Roman 
Sierra Foods 
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company 
Sierra Spring Water Company 
Silver Oaks Cellars 
Silver & Stones
Simi Valley
Simona Designs 
Sky Chairs 
Soda Bay 
Sonoma Coast Seafood 
Sonoma Coast Villa 
Sonoma Creek 
Sonoma County Independent 
Sonoma Jack Cheese
Sonoma Valley Portworks 
Sonoma West Times & News 
Sound Expressions
Spring Designs 
Sprint Copy Center 
St. Clement 
St. Collette 
St. Supery 
Stone Creek 
Stone Heath 
Sunday Afternoons
Sunshells of Maui 
Sushi Osaka
Sweetland Pottery 
Sweets and Stuff 
Tents For Events 
The Blue Heron 
The Boat House
The Corker 
The Dog House 
The Maine Lobster Boat 
The Olive Guys 
The Sandpiper 
The Tides Restaurant 
Third Street Aleworks
Three Dog Pottery 
Timber Cove Inn 
Timber Cover Lodge 
Tombe Realty 
Tortoise Shell Homes 
Treetop Treasures 
Trentadue Winery 
Two Rivers Cider
Underwater Paintings 
Vacation Homes International 
Valley Ford Hotel
Via Ripatti Designs 
Visions in Glass
Wave Walker Sandals
Wells Fargo Bank 
West African Gourmet 
Widmar c/o Eagle 
Widmer (Kona) 
Wild West Kettlecorm
Wildfire Ranch 
Wil's Fishing Adventure
Windermere Wine Country Properties 
Wine & Cheese Tasting 
Worldly Goods 
Yamagucci Catering
Bodega Bay School
Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory (UC Davis)
Brookfield Zoo
Columbia University 
Elmhurst College 
Florida State University
Gene Autry Museum 
Lincoln Park Zoo
Mary Collins Charter School
Missouri State University 
The National Heritage Society
Nebraska State University
Nevada State University
New School University, New York 
Parsons School of Design, New YOrk 
Safari West
San Jose State University 
Santa Barbara Zoo
Santa Monica College 
Santa Rosa Junior College 
Shoreline School District 
Sonoma State University
Southwest Indian Museum 
Spring Creek School 
University of California, Davis
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Southern California
University of Illinois
University of Michigan
University of Nevada
University of California, San Jose
University of Texas, El Paso 
University of Wisconsin 
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Ltrs

Concerned Citizens of Price County Wisconsin
Goldridge Conservation District 
Heirloom Land Trust 
International Crane Foundation 
Learning Waters 
Madrone Chapter National Audubon 
Ocean Song
Stewards of The Coast and Redwoods 
The Bay Institute of San Francisco 
The Concerned Citizens of Bodega Bay 
The Rural Heritage Initiative 
Wildcare/Terwilliger Nature Education 
      and Wildlife Rehabilitation 
Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue 

Alexander, Sian 
Alexander, Alyse 
Anderson, Sarah 
Anderson, Kathleen 
Andreini, Dee 
Angeles, Felipe 
Antler, Barry 
Araoz, Felipe 
Aronowitz, Sharon 
Athens, Ellen 
Austin, Andrea/Brooks 
Barney, Michael 
Bennett, John 
Bennett, Madeline 
Berton, Sean 
Bishop, Donna 
Blair, Catherine/Chris 
Blaze, Connie 
Blondet, Constanza 
Bloom, Gene 
Bloom, Bill
Bloom, Carol
Bogdan, Clark 
Boyd, Joan 
Boulanger, Ellen 
Bourne, Nassu 
Boutin, Jackie 
Bradshaw, Michael 
Brauns, Paul 
Bride, Mary 
Brown, Willow 
Broadway, Curtis 
Brutche, Russell 
Buckenmeyer, Mary 
Bushart, Danny 
Buss, Fred/Marilyn 
Camp, Darlene/John 
Campbell, Weezie 
Candelaria, Ana 
Carpenter, Ric 
Carrington, Jenny 
Chadd, Michael/Janice 
Chappell, Gary 
Chavez/Ruiz, Rosa/Leon 
Ciel, Janet 
Clapshaw, Guy 
Clements, Rex 
Cole, Judy 
Culbert, Trish 
Davis, Richard 
Davidson, Diana 
Davidson, Louis 
Davis, Lynn 
Day, Arlo 
Dean, Georganna 
De Lopez, Christina 
Doglione, Susan 
Dubson, Joan/Jerry 
Dunlap, Bruce 
Dunnington, Moni 
Eckels, Nancy 
Egress, Romy 
El Haroussi, Halim 
Eller, Peter 
Ellis, Cynthia 
Evans, Gleena 
Feher, Gerry
Fernaud, F 
Fiorito, Angel 
Fisher, Dawn 
Fleischman, Justin 
Francis, Kirsten 
Francisco, Miko
Fronce, Linnea 
Gans/Mathers, Arnold/Pam 
George, Vanetta 
Gilliam, Debbie 
Gleitsman, Bing 
Glidwell, John 
Goldstein, Wendy 
Gorre, Gilroy
Grassano, Chris 
Graves, Mary
Greenwald, Valerie 
Groom, Kim 
Gustin, Patricia 
Gutowski, Jason 
Haley, Leslie 
Haley, Lin 
Hall, Barbara 
Hanna, K. 
Hanna, Ken 
Hansen, Gary 
Harrison, Jenni 
Hartfield, Karen 
Henson, Mark 
Hinkley, Tom 
Hinrichs, Jonathan 
Hochberg, Isabel 
Holmes, Jim/Marty 
Holmgren, Kent 
Honig, Erika 
Hood, Teri
Hoselton, Russell 
Host, Marilyn 
Johnson, Melissa
Johnston, Bob 
Jones, Kathryn
Jones, Mary Kay 
Jones, Terry/Liz 
Kabat, Beth
Karp, Aaron 
Keiber, Robert 
Kelley, Cynthia 
Kelly, Patrick 
Kick, Joe 
Kick, Joy
Killeen, Robert 
Knapp, Peter 
Kurnow, Bruce
Lacy, Robin 
Lane, Diane 
Lanphar, Bill 
Leddy, Ange Fiorito 
Lee, David
Lee, Donald 
Leist, Lori 
Leist, Matthew 
Letts, Linda 
Levine, Larry 
Lind, Richard 
Locati, Rich 
Logan, Jerry 
Lorraine, Gayle 
Magnuson, Sarah 
Major, Cathryn 
Marano, Margaret 
Markham, Jane 
Martin, Danal 
Martin, Willa 
Martin, Charlene 
Matijczyk, Matt 
McCamy, Laura 
McGinnis, Joan/Kevin 
Mehr, Jon/Barbara 
Meister, JoAnn/Randy 
Meredith, Paul 
Merriman, Michael
Miller, D. Nicholson 
Moores, Elisabeth 
Morris, Angela 
Murray, Brooke
Naumberg, Dorothy 
Nelson, Jeffrey
Ness, Sherri 
Nessenson, Sherri 
Norick, Jack
Norman, Sue 
Nzlamba, Paul 
Ogren, Paul
Olson, Darrick 
Osland, Colleen 
Owen, Miriam
Parish, Anita 
Park, Helen 
Partlow, Elaine 
Patillo, Kim/Mark 
Patton, Elizabeth 
Pearlman, Harry/Karen 
Pearlman, Nancy 
Penner, Liz 
Perry, Bill
Perry, Don 
Peterson, Jann 
Petrow, A. B. 
Piasecki, Monika 
Pittman, Pam 
Potter, Jeff 
Price, Kris 
Prodaniuk, Barbara 
Punches, Brian 
Randall, Norm/Joyce 
Rawlinson, Carol Jo 
Raymond, Kara 
Ritcher, Robert 
Robison, Susie 
Roe, Christina 
Ruiz/Chavez, Leon/Rosa 
Rose, Marion 
Rosel, Roxanna 
Sador, Ron/Linda 
Sage, Michael 
Samartino, Leonard
Samson, Maurie 
Sanford, Will/Linda 
Saporta, Pam 
Saxon, Bob 
Schlobohm, Doug 
Scotten, Ed/Suzanne 
Selznick, Rob 
Skolnik, Robert 
Smith, Pat Toth 
Skowronski, Susan 
Sollenne, Suzanne 
Soong/Ju, Peggy/Vincent 
Spalding, Suzanne 
Spear, Kaye 
Speer, Val/Dorothy 
Spillane, John 
Stackhouse, Jennifer 
Stamp, Bruce 
Steege, Paul/Tina 
Steiner, Robert 
Stemper, Catherine 
Stevens, Gary 
Stephens, Jann 
Stinson, Bill 
Strand, Jim 
Swartz, Jason 
Swenson, Terri 
Swig, Pearl 
Tate, Brent/Susan 
Tatum, Sherrie 
Taylor, Jeff/Jimee 
Telek, Margit 
Thomas, Jayne 
Thompson, Helen 
Thompson, Summer 
Thunberg, Rose 
Tillman, Charles
Tobias, Linnea 
Untener, Mark/Tina 
Utsch, Jennifer 
Vincent, Seydel 
Volakis, Emanuel
Von Nordeck, Ed
Waldrop, Roger 
Wallace, Dodie
Weislow, Craig 
Westlake, Carol/Walt Vos 
Williams, Sharon 
Wilson, Laura 
Wilson, Natalie 
Winthrop, Anita 
Witchner, Wendy 
Wood, Paul 
Woolsey, Donald
Worden, Laura 
Wunce, Robert
Yaeger, David 
Yang, Mao Lee 
Zaikine, Zak 
Zanabili, Michael 
Zephrs, Tom 
Zunker, Richard  
National Marine Fisheries Service 
Sauk County Wisconsin Board of Supervisors 
Sonoma County Parks and Recreation
Sonoma County Ag Preserve and Open Space
Sonoma County Planning Department
State of California Department of Parks 
State of California Fish and Game 
State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Natural Resources
U.S. Department of Marine Fisheries
Michael H. Fawcett, Ph.D. 
Assembly-person Virginia Strom-Martin 
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Sonoma County 
Donald Bussard
Eco-Corp Summer Jobs Program
Friends of the Children, San Francisco, CA 
General Motors Corporation
Girl Scouts of America, San Jose, CA 
Jack Frost Construction 
Journey Home Graphix
Marin Jewish Community Center, San Rafael, CA 
Natural Impressions- Janet Ciel/Michael Ecton 
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pathways Research 
Red Archibald
Santa Rosa Parks and Recreation, Santa Rosa, CA
Supervisor Mike Reilly 
The Russian River Region Visitors' Bureau 
Vesta Copestakes 
West County Community Services
YMCA, Santa Rosa, CA
African Rhythm Band
Alma Melodioso 
Blue Moon 
Bob Culbertson 
Bob Hartman Puppet Theater
Dana Smith and his dog Lucy
David McNab Group 
Delta Wires 
Gator Beat 
Heart and Soul 
High Fidelity 
Hot Lips and Fingertips 
Indigo Swing
Ivan Rane
James K 
Jessie Turner 
John King Magician 
Josh Warburton 
Joyce Cooling and Brazilian Ensemble 
Little Sister & the Bad Intentions 
Magic Pearl Puppet Theater 
Mark Bunnell 
Messengers One 
Midnight Sun 
Muddy Rivers
Nite Cry 
Owen Baker Flynn 
Paul Micich & Mitch Espe 
Planet Blues 
Red Archibald & the Internationals 
Rich O'Shea Juggler 
Root Awakenings 
Scott Huckabay
Sebastopol Ballet School 
Sky Band 
Solid Air 
Sony Holland
Steve Gillman solo guitar
Sunjosh Warburton 
Sven Jorgensen Juggler 
Sweet Strings 
Tee Pee 
The Jazz Cruisers 
The Keith Show Juggler 
The Merrie Mary Show
The Thug 
TJ Birman - Sound Engineer 
Tom Rigney & Flambeau 
Trailer Park Rangers 
Wild Angeles 
Wendy Dewitt & Blues Saloon 
West African Highlife Band 
World Latin Jazz Band
Yancy Taylor
Mr. Edward J. Angone
Mrs. Eleanor Elsing. Angone
Mrs. Betty J. Belda
Mr. Erik Brackmann
Mrs. Frieda Brackmann 
Mrs. Alice Connors
Mr. Bill Connors
Mrs. Lorraine Elsing
Mr. Bill Genske
Mr. George E. Gross Sr. 
Mrs. Ellen Jensen
Mr. Jens Jensen 
Mr. Frank Kala 
Mr. Leonard Kala 
Mr. Walter T. Ritzmann 
Mrs. Esther Ritzmann 
Mr. Paul Schnall 
Mrs. Ruth Schnall
Mr. Sheldon Schnall
Mrs. Helen Thomas 
Libertine, Ms. E. 
Mark, Ms. Trica 
Matthews, Mr. Dave 
Matthews, Mrs. C. 
McCrea, Ms. Briana 
Melchior, Bill 
Norwood, Naomi 
Passarino, Gary 
Pershnokov, Mrs. A. 
Ponti, Ms. Chris 
Porter, Mr. Doug 
Ridder, Jill 
Robinson, Dan 
Schaefer, Dr. R. G. 
Schrag, Jan 
Scott, Michael 
Shaw, Mr. Jesse 
Shearer, Bill 
Shirwo, Mr. O.S. 
Smith, Mrs. Haya 
Stein, Ms. Susan 
Sternberg, Alan and Sandra 
Storc, Stan and Katherine 
Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Alan 
Swent, Ms. Janice 
Taylor, Tom 
Valladao, Ray 
Wachsberg, Dr. and Mrs. Abe 
Wallace, Dodie and Fernando 
Wedell, Chris 
Williams, Mrs. L. 
Wilson, Dr. Sharon 
Wilusz, Mrs. M. 
Winter, Donal

Anderson, Mrs. N. 
Avila, Tom 
Bartee, Chuck 
Bartnett, Dr. Ellen 
Bell, Adam 
Bernstein, Ms. J. 
Birkland, Mr. Bob 
Birkland, Mrs. S. 
Boylan, Dr. Barbara 
Brady, Julie 
Brackmann, Eric/Frieda 
Buzzard, Donald 
Condiotti, Leslie 
Condiotti, Mr. Sol 
Condiotti, Mrs. Lee 
Condiotti, Steve 
Conzett, Nancy 
Copestakes, Ms. V. 
Cussins, Glen 
Denton, Ms. April 
Detry, Mr. Casey 
Eakle, Ms. Karen 
Ferrari, Carol 
Findeisen, Al 
Frost, Ms. Kim 
Gallazo, Carlo 
Gardener, Dr. Bob 
Gardener, Mrs. E. 
Ginder, Ms. Gail 
Granandos, Mr. M. A. 
Gross, Walter 
Heiman, Mr. and Mrs. Dave 
Himy, David and Jeannie 
Horn, Dan 
Kahane, Dan and Lynda 
Katz, Dr. Neal 
Keller, Ms. Pamela 
Kennally, Tom 
Kennedy, Michael 
King, Francis 

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